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Last updated Monday, April 19, 2004



Welcome to our Streaming Video Library. Throughout Mark and Ana Maria's journey, we will record numerous streaming videos (on the TAO/TRITON, EPIC, and ACE-Asia Teacher At Sea Web sites, we have over 100 videos)! If you do not know how streaming video works, please start by reading the Getting Started and Captioned Version sections below.

(NOTE: If your video stalls during the stream, it is possible to move the clip position at the bottom of the RealPlayer window and see the rest of the video.
Due to some technical issues, the videos filmed in South America may stall during the last 15 seconds of the clip. Our engineers are still working on this problem .)

Dr. Bob Ginsberg, Johnson Park School 4m:04s
Share with the principal of Johnson Park School in Princeton the breadth of the learning experiences brought to the school and to the school district associated with the SALLJEX Teacher in the Field adventure of
Spanish teacher Mark Eastburn.
Video courtesy of Bob Schwartz

Mark Eastburn, SALLJEX Teacher in the Field 0m:46s Final words from Mark after his return to the classroom and to the incredible celebrations held in his honor at Johnson Park School.


Getting Started
Please visit NOAA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) for 
detailed information on streaming video
what it is, installation requirements, where to obtain the software, and how to install it.

Captioned Versions
We are in the process of open captioning all of our videos. All captioning is being completed by Caption Colorado. In order to see the captioned version, please use Internet Explorer or type the address directly into RealPlayer.

If you have any questions about our videos or would like to acquire any of our educational material, please contact Dr. John Kermond at john.kermond@noaa.gov.

If you have any difficulties accessing the streaming video, please contact our webmaster at jennifer.hammond@noaa.gov.

Note for educators: Please use this Web site, the lesson plans, daily logs, the videos, and the photos to educate your students about climate, El Niño, and scientific research in general. We look forward to receiving your feedback (jennifer.hammond@noaa.gov).

Feel free to also look at our other educational Web sites: ACE-Asia, EPIC, and TAO/TRITON.

Many organizations and countries are involved in supporting the
SALLJEX Research Project.
Primary U. S. funding is provided by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Science Foundation.

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