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Last updated 09 August, 2001

Where's Susan Now?

03/09/01 Susan leaves West Chester, Pennsylvania
03/10/01 - 03/11/01 Susan is in Boulder, Colorado
Updated 3/23/01
03/12/01 - 03/14/01 Susan is in Honolulu, Hawaii
Updated 4/06/01
03/14/01 Susan leaves Hawaii on the Ron Brown
03/14/01 - 04/20/01 Susan on the Ron Brown en route to Yokosuka, Japan and Current Location of the NOAA Research Vessel Ron Brown
04/23/01 Susan visits Iwakuni Marine Corp Base 
Updated 4/26/01
04/27/01 Susan travels Cheju Island, South Korea for more research 
04/30/01 Susan returns to Iwakuni Marine Corp Base  
05/05/01 On Iwakuni Marine Corp Base, Susan participates in Japanese Appreciation Day Events
05/06/01 Susan travels to Tokyo, Japan to meet her husband and enjoy a well-deserved break
05/13/01 Susan returns to West Chester, Pennsylvania for Welcome Home Reception at Stetson Middle School
Week of 06/11/01 Susan came to Capitol Hill for a Welcome Home Reception

For more details about Susan's trip, read her Daily Logs.

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