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Last updated 21 March, 2001

Welcome to our Streaming Video Library.  Throughout Susan's journey, we will provide you with streaming video.  If you do not know how streaming video works, please start by clicking on the Getting Started section below.
Last updated 08/13/01

Special thanks to Marc Kagan and Bob Schwartz
 (NOAA Office of Public Affairs Video Studio)
for filming and editing most of these videos.

Getting Started

Please visit NOAA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) for 
detailed information on streaming video
what it is, installation requirements, where to obtain the software, and how to install it.



If you have any questions about our videos or would like to acquire any of our educational material, please contact Dr. John Kermond at



If you have any difficulties accessing the streaming video, please contact our webmaster at


OGP Streaming Video Archive



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