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Last updated 02 July, 2001

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While Susan was on the Ron Brown, she sent a "Question of the Day" in each of her daily logs.  Below you will find answers to her questions submitted by several schools and also see questions sent to her.

Susan's Question of the Day

Friday, March 30, 2001 -- Day 23
Question: Do they turn their clocks ahead for day light savings time in Japan?

Answer: The clocks in Japan are not turned ahead for daylight savings time.

Answer submitted by Barry Pflueger's RJH WeatherNet Crew 
Richboro Junior High
Richboro, Pennsylvania

See the following website for more information:
Thanks to Bob Henson from UCAR Communications

Thursday, March 29, 2001 -- Day 22
Question: What is the difference between "position and bearing" ?

Answer: A ship's bearing is the compass direction (in degrees) from the ship to its destination.  The exact location of the ship on a map is the ship's position.

Answer Submitted by Catherine Jersey
Richboro Junior High
Richboro, Pennsylvania 

Wednesday, March 28, 2001 -- Day 21
Question: What are phytoplankton? What is their role in the scheme of life at sea? What determines/influences their concentration in the water? 

Answer:  Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that live in the ocean. There are many different species of them, each with a characteristic shape. They grow all over the world and are the beginnings of the marine food chain. They are eaten by whales and small fish, which are in turn eaten by larger fish, and also by us. Phytoplankton depends on certain conditions to grow, (sunlight, water, and nutrients) so they are a good indicator in a change in their environment. 

Answer Submitted by
Phil Kranyak, Representing the Stetson Science Olympiad Team
Stetson Middle School
West Chester, Pennsylvania

Friday, March 23, 2001 -- Day 16
What do you think it means to be a member of The Realm of the Golden Dragon Society and how could you join? 

Answer: To enter the Realm of the Golden Dragon Society, you must cross the international date line for the first time. Just like when you cross the equator for the first time and become a Shellback.

Answer Submitted by Sue Stillman's 5th Grade Class
Evergreen School
Shoreline, Washington

Thursday, March 22, 2001 -- Day 15
What is the difference between organic carbon and elemental carbon?

Answer: The difference between organic carbon and elemental carbon is that organic carbon is within living things and elemental carbon is the element carbon by it self.

Answer Submitted by Deanna Wilkinson's 5th Period Science Class
Stetson Middle School
West Chester,

Tuesday, March 20, 2001 -- Day 13
Question: How many more time zones will we pass through by the time we reach Japan?

Answer: 3 times zones.  We found this answer by going to an atlas and finding out how many times zones are between the international date line and Japan.  By the time Susan gets the answer, it may be 2 time zones, but when we got the question, the answer was 3.

Answer Submitted by Sue Stillman's 5th Grade Class
Evergreen School
Shoreline, Washington

Questions Sent to Susan Via E-mail

Monday, April 30, 2001
What techniques are used to to get the aerosols?

To answer your question: There were "intake" valves (tubes) that were positioned on the bow of the ship at various heights. They were positioned on the top of the portable vans that were shipped over from different parts of the world for the research. The air was then passed through tubes on its way to the filters where it was separated by particle size ( isn't that cool?) and then some instruments analyzed the particles for chemical composition. The data was displayed on computer screens in the vans. I managed to keep some samples of the filters showing dust from the Gobi Desert.( that was cool too)

The intake tubes were positioned on the bow of the ship to prevent exhaust from the smoke stacks becoming part of the experiment. The C130 and the Twin Otter also had similar sampling tubes on their outside. Different equipment was designed to focus on certain types of aerosols and the methods used to filter and analyze were very unique.

Thursday, March 22, 2001
Does the boat have a TV? 

We do watch videos every night, but sometimes they are not my kind of movie. 
But, I'm learning to expand my viewing mind.

What about the computer, does it get games? 
No there are not any computer games, at least on the computers I use. What a
bummer! Out here you really need some games for entertainment. So, I read
a lot. We have not had the best weather so far. Lots of high winds and sea
swells. Just like Great Adventure!

Are you really the one who is answering this letter? 
Yes, I am answering my own mail. But, sometimes it passes through the webmaster back to you. It depends on the connections.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001
Have you gotten seasick?
I have not been sea sick. Guess I have sea legs I didn't know I had. There have been some green faces around hear lately though. We were directed by the Navy to turn around and change course yesterday afternoon. Apparently headed for a "nasty" storm. Even so, the sea became 15-20ft and the wind 30-40kts.

What are your digs like?
The berths are very small. Bunkbeads with little curtains around them I am two decks below the main deck so the motion is not as pronounced as upper decks.  But, the anchor seems to be over head and there is a design flaw in the way it is attached to the deck. It actually slides around somewhat and the crashing and groaning noises are quite bizarre. I plan to tape them. It sounds just like a horror movie. So.. earplugs are a must!

Is the food good?
The food is just terrific! Lots of it too (always chocolate cookies on hand).


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