Image of ACE-Asia; Ron Brown, and C130

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Last updated 10 August, 2001


ACE-Asia Project

PMEL ACE-Asia Homepage

JOSS Support Pages for ACE-Asia

The "Perfect Dust" Storm

Model of Atmosperic Transport and Chemistry
match (NCAR) [plots in upper right corner of presentations slides, always brown

GOCART (Global Ozone Chemistry Aerosol Radiation Transport )
(Georgia Tech/ Goddard) [plots in upper left corner of presentation slides, white background with different color scale for each component]

RAMS (Regional Atmospheric Modeling System) (part of CFORS (Chemical weather Forecast System) and afflicated with RIAMS (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics) and University of Iowa) [plots with black background]

NASA's Planetary Photojournal Catalog Page
Fingerprints in the Dust

NASA ACE-Asia 2001 Web Page

ACE-Asia Field Experiments Logistics Information

ACE-Asia Satellite Retrievals of Aerosols Characteristics

Korean ACE-Asia Homepage

National Center for Atmospheric Research: Atmospheric Technology Division Research Aviation Facility: EC-130Q Hercules

NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown

NOAA's Teacher At Sea Program


NOAA Office of Global Programs Aerosols Webpage

National Center for Atmospheric Research's Climate and Global Dynamics Division Scientist Phil Rasch's Website

New Findings Highlight the Significance of Aerosols in the Earth’s Climate System

NASA's SAGE III Educational Outreach Program: Students Online Atmospheric Research

NASA Langley Research Center Stratospheric Aerosols website

Institute on Climate and Planets: Aerosols in the Atmosphere

NASA Facts: The Earth Observing System Terra Series, Aerosols

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies Research: Desert Dust, Dust Storms and Climate

Minerals in the Air: An Environmental Perspective Manuscript

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