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Ruth Meadows

NOAA Teacher at Sea, Ruth Meadows, hold up a strange sea creature called a Chimaera on the Bigelow.

Ruth Meadows, a science teacher at Opelika Middle School in Opelika, AL, was aboard NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow for 40 days in June and July while scientists conducted research for the Census of Marine Life over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. You can read more about this important scientific work by clicking here.


Ship Logs

  June 12, 2009 (pdf, 102Kb)
  June 13, 2009 (pdf, 219Kb)
  June 14, 2009 (pdf, 362Kb)
  June 15, 2009 (pdf, 251Kb)
  June 16, 2009 (pdf, 306Kb)
  June 17, 2009 (pdf, 190Kb)
  June 19, 2009 (pdf, 219Kb)
  June 26, 2009 (pdf, 224Kb)
  July 3, 2009 (pdf, 220Kb)
  July 5, 2009 (pdf, 212Kb)
  July 7, 2009 (pdf, 201Kb)
  July 9, 2009 (pdf, 321Kb)
  July 11, 2009 (pdf, 398Kb)