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Wes Struble

NOAA Teacher at Sea Steven Allen manning the floating screen while aboard R/V Bellows
NOAA Teacher at Sea, Wes Struble, prepares to set sail on the Ka'imimoana.

Wes Struble, a high school science teacher at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho and TAS alumni, is aboard NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown for 17 days in February while scientists conduct climate research in the sub-tropical Atlantic off the coast of the Bahamas. Specifically, this ongoing study, called Western Boundary Time Series (WBTS), is a project that consists of two components to monitor the western boundary currents in the subtropical Atlantic: the Florida Current and the Deep Western Boundary Current, both of which greatly affect the climates of the U.S. and Europe.

Ship Logs

Check back soon for Wes' logs.