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Christine Hedge

NOAA Teacher at Sea, Chris Hedge, assists in data acquisition aboard the Healy.

Chris Hedge, a science teacher at Carmel Middle School in Carmel, IN, was aboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy for 41 days in August and September while scientists conducted hydrographic surveys of the Arctic continental shelf, an area in the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska. This is a joint mission between the U.S. and Canada in conjunction with many support partners. You can read more about this important scientific work by visiting these websites:


Ship Logs

  August 5, 2009 (pdf, 223kb)
  August 7, 2009 (pdf, 92kb)
  August 12, 2009 (pdf, 76kb)
  August 10, 2009 (pdf, 78kb)
  August 13, 2009 (pdf, 98kb)
  August 14, 2009 (pdf, 84kb)
  August 16, 2009 (pdf, 92kb)
  August 18, 2009 (pdf, 122kb)
  August 19, 2009 (pdf, 120kb)
  August 20, 2009 (pdf, 139kb)
  August 23, 2009 (pdf, 99kb)

August 25, 2009 (pdf, 101kb)

  August 26, 2009 (pdf, 230kb)
  August 28, 2009 (pdf, 105kb)
  August 29, 2009 (pdf, 104kb)
  September 1, 2009 (pdf, 140kb)
  September 3, 2009 (pdf, 145kb)
  September 4, 2009 (pdf, 150kb)
  September 5, 2009 (pdf, 205kb)
  September 6, 2009 (pdf, 80kb)
  September 7, 2009 (pdf, 172kb)
  September 9-11, 2009 (pdf, 147kb)
  September 13, 2009 (pdf, 153kb)
  September 14, 2009 (pdf, 84kb)
  September 15, 2009 (pdf, 226kb)