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Kimberly Pratt

Daily Logs

Kimberly Pratt, a fifth-grade teacher from California, was on board NOAA ship McARTHUR II for 20 days in July while scientists conducted whale and dolphin research in the Pacific Ocean.

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Daily Logs

Kimberly Pratt, july 2 log   July 2, 2005 (pdf, 64Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 5 log   July 5, 2005 (pdf, 80Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 7 log   July 7, 2005 (pdf, 120Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 9 log   July 9, 2005 (pdf, 184Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 10 log   July 10, 2005 (pdf, 176Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 12 log   July 12, 2005 (pdf, 120Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 14 log   July 14, 2005 (pdf, 52Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 16 log   July 16, 2005 (pdf, 152Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 18 log   July 18, 2005 (pdf, 164Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 21 log   July 21, 2005 (pdf, 168Kb)
Kimberly Pratt, july 22 log   July 22, 2005 (pdf, 188Kb)



Interview Thumbnail 1   Interview 1 (pdf, 64Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 2   Interview 2 (pdf, 56Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 3   Interview 3 (pdf, 44Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 4   Interview 4 (pdf, 48Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 5   Interview 5 (pdf, 164Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 6   Interview 6 (pdf, 64Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 7   Interview 7 (pdf, 84Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 8   Interview 8 (pdf, 88Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 9   Interview 9 (pdf, 76Kb)
Interview Thumbnail 10   Interview 10 (pdf, 124Kb)
Interview Thumbnail11   Interview 11 (pdf, 92Kb)
Interview Thumbnail11   Interview 12 (pdf, 120Kb)